The Beach belongs to everyone

We want Long Island to be a place where this, and the next generation can surf, windsurf, sail, swim, sunbathe, fish, kayak or just soak in Long Island's Natural Beauty.

Long Island is losing its waterfront and wet lands to private homes at an alarming pace. Beach Access is disappearing right along with it. In addition, many NYS laws concerning Beach Access are archaic at best.

It is not LIBAG's intent to take away any existing rights of NYS Beach users. Only to add to them.

We are fortunate, to be working with the Long Island Regional State Parks Commission towards solutions that would allow all beach user groups equal access to all NYS Parks Beaches, with out excluding or taking away any access rights from any user groups.

The Long Island Beach Access Group is most commonly known for its four core programs;

1- The Beach Access program whose research and advocacy programs support the maintenance and expansion of access to those remote beach locations on Long Island for all users.

2- Also, our Beach Preservation program works to sponsor, participate and encourage those activities that ensure the healthy maintenance of our beaches and barrier islands, such as beach grass plantings.

3- Our Beach Clean-up program works to sponsor, participate and encourage continual beach clean-ups in conjunction with the America Littoral Society. This includes the adoption of Gilgo Beach.

4- But also, Long Island Beach Access Group is known for our Beach Actions program which seeks to encourage and reward proper behavior when enjoying the beaches. This includes following the official rules and regulations of each of the beaches and areas that provide access to those beaches, promoting the “Carry in, Carry out more” philosophy, and in a more informal fashion, instructing people on safe enjoyment of our natural resources.

Remember: it is not LIBAG's intent to take away any existing rights of NYS Beach users. Only to add to them.

LIBAG is honored to work with New York State Park officials, as we continue to connect the Parks to the People.

We look forward to our continued work with New York State officials in order to implement solutions that encourage more diverse use of NYS’s Beaches.

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

NYS “Love My Park Day”.

The Members of LIBAG wish to thank everyone who participated in May third’s NYS “Love My Park Day”.

It was great to see all the surfers who showed up to clean up at Gilgo State Park. Especially, because there was good surf. [ Don’t worry; we all still had plenty of time to surf before and after the clean up.] 

The Easterlies this last week exposed a good deal of heavy debris. These large logs and posts were moved to the north side of the beach near the Plover fencing. The Parks Department will come by with heavy equipment to remove them this week. LIBAG Volunteers removed two pick up truck beds worth of non-organic garbage.

 At Heckscher State Park, The Long Island Windsurfing Group was represented with a sizable crew of Volunteers. They cleaned Field 7, or Joe’s Beach, as well as assist the park staff at field 6.

LIBAG would like to thank Tim Byrne, Director, Robert Moses State Park, George Gorman, From the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, Long Island Region, Gordon Canary,  District Office Director York State, Senator Phil Boyle, And Dave Auguste, Director, Heckscher state Park for stopping by and showing their support. We appreciate our working relationship with all of you.

Thank you for making a difference.