The Beach belongs to everyone

We want Long Island to be a place where this, and the next generation can surf, windsurf, sail, swim, sunbathe, fish, kayak or just soak in Long Island's Natural Beauty.

Long Island is losing its waterfront and wet lands to private homes at an alarming pace. Beach Access is disappearing right along with it. In addition, many NYS laws concerning Beach Access are archaic at best.

It is not LIBAG's intent to take away any existing rights of NYS Beach users. Only to add to them.

We are fortunate, to be working with the Long Island Regional State Parks Commission towards solutions that would allow all beach user groups equal access to all NYS Parks Beaches, with out excluding or taking away any access rights from any user groups.

The Long Island Beach Access Group is most commonly known for its four core programs;

1- The Beach Access program whose research and advocacy programs support the maintenance and expansion of access to those remote beach locations on Long Island for all users.

2- Also, our Beach Preservation program works to sponsor, participate and encourage those activities that ensure the healthy maintenance of our beaches and barrier islands, such as beach grass plantings.

3- Our Beach Clean-up program works to sponsor, participate and encourage continual beach clean-ups in conjunction with the America Littoral Society. This includes the adoption of Gilgo Beach.

4- But also, Long Island Beach Access Group is known for our Beach Actions program which seeks to encourage and reward proper behavior when enjoying the beaches. This includes following the official rules and regulations of each of the beaches and areas that provide access to those beaches, promoting the “Carry in, Carry out more” philosophy, and in a more informal fashion, instructing people on safe enjoyment of our natural resources.

Remember: it is not LIBAG's intent to take away any existing rights of NYS Beach users. Only to add to them.

LIBAG is honored to work with New York State Park officials, as we continue to connect the Parks to the People.

We look forward to our continued work with New York State officials in order to implement solutions that encourage more diverse use of NYS’s Beaches.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Over 350lbs of Debris Removed at Gilgo Beach as Part of Clean-up Event

Sorry we may have missed you this past Saturday at the beach cleanups at Gilgo Lot and Oceanfront and the Gilgo 4x4 State Park area beachfront. To those few that did show up and help, Thanks!! 

I hope we can count on your support at future events. 
Here are a couple of pics. I hope they are viewable. 

Catch some waves! 

photo by Gordon D. Canary, District Director, New York State Senator Phil Boyle, 4th S.D.

Town of Babylon News

Posted on: October 7, 2014

Over 350lbs of Debris Removed at Gilgo Beach as Part of Clean-up Event

Babylon Town Councilwoman Jacqueline Gordon recently thanked members of the Long Island Beach Access Group (LIBAG) for their efforts in cleaning up areas of Gilgo Beach as part of the American Littoral Society’s National Coastal Clean-Up event. For the past six years, the Town of Babylon has partnered in this endeavor with LIBAG, who has adopted the beach for many years. As part of the National Coastal Clean-Up, the debris and refuge that is picked up is weighed and sent to the American Littoral Society for documentation. This year, 370 lbs. was removed from Gilgo Beach, as well as its marina and parking lot. 
Councilwoman Gordon (right) is pictured with members of the Long Island Beach Access Group

photo by Gordon D. Canary, District Director, New York State Senator Phil Boyle, 4th S.D.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Gilgo beach Clean Up Saturday September 20th, 9 AM

Gilgo Beach

On Saturday, September 20th, at 9AM, LIBAG, the Long Island Beach Access Group, along with the American Littoral Society, is sponsoring a Beach Clean UP at Gilgo Beach Long Island.

LIBAG has been sponsoring beach clean up's with the NYS Littoral Society for the last 6 years and it is an incredible experience. Many of you have joined us in this effort before, and we hope we can count on you and your friends, once again.

First timer? Welcome! Help us count every bottle cap, cigarette butt and whatever washes up on the beach. Next we weigh our collection. Last year our group weighed out at over 371 pounds from Gilgo beach and parking lot! 

In 2012 LIBAG officially adopted Gilgo Beach. So keeping it clean means a lot for the beach.
This year, in addition to Gilgo town beach, we will have additional crew cleaning up the Gilgo State Park 4X4 area. That's about a 2 mile stretch of sand. We NEED a lot of help for both locations. 

No advance signup needed. We will supply garbage bags, gloves, permission slips, etc.

Thank you for helping,


For more information, visit LIBAG.ORG

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Save the Date, 9/20, for the New York State 2014 Beach Cleanup!

Hi there from LIBAG,

We at LIBAG hope you're having a great summer. It's so nice to be able to hang out at our favorite beaches legally whether by 4x4 with the issuance of the New York State Surfing permit for Democrat Point, and this year's inclusion of Gilgo State Park, [commonly referred to as the Hemlock area and Old Coast Guard]. This year the Town of Babylon also reinstated the TOB 4x4 Permit at the Old Coast Guard Station. 

The above and other victories like parking lot access in the NYS Park's system are all part of LIBAG's efforts to increase the fun at our local Long Island beaches. 

Our work goes on behind the scenes. We will be meeting with NYS Park's officials to hopefully move forward soon on other locations on our south shore ocean and bay front areas heading east! 

As to the topic of this post, and not to keep you from the surf, we are also concerned about the accumulating trash on our beaches. Some brought by our neighbors, much brought in from wave action from another area. But it is there. And needs to be cleaned up. 

We all try to do that on an every day basis by bringing our own trash bag and clearing our "spot". And that is very commendable. 

On Saturday, September 20th, at 9AM, LIBAG is sponsoring 2 locations to be cleaned up with American Littoral Society's New York State Beach Cleanup 2014. We have done this for the last 5 or 6 years and it is incredible. Many of you have joined us in this effort and we hope we can count on you and your friends once again.

First timer? Welcome! You can also help us count every bottle cap and cigarette butt and more and then we weigh it too!

Sounds like fun, right? Last year our group weighed out over 371 pounds from Gilgo beach and parking lot! 

This year we are doing that area again, and in addition, we will have another crew running the same type of clean-up on the 4x4 Gilgo State Park area, and that's about a 2 mile stretch of sand. We NEED a lot of bodies for both locations. 

If you choose for the 4x4 area, please be sure you have the current NYS 4x4 permit(either fishing or surfing). The Town of Babylon 2010 4x4 Surfing Permit is also acceptable. No cars are allowed in this area! No exceptions. 

The parking lot access at Gilgo Beach is Free for that date
Rain date is the 21st. 
 Please help us, to help the Town of Babylon and New York State Parks. 
American Littoral Society
New York State Beach Cleanup 2014

Thank you for Participating in the New York State 2014 Beach Cleanup! We're proud to host it every year and honored that you want to help. The impact you make on the environment matters!

LIBAG & The American Littoral Society

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Fourth of July

Big swell out there. Gonna’ get bigger
Higher tides than normal.
Pop up thunderstorms.
It’s the 4th of July weekend, there will be crowds.

There’s plenty of swell out there.
Don’t crowd the usual places.
Find a new secret spot. 
It will be breaking in places it usually doesn’t.

So be careful.
Be safe.
Be considerate.

Then there will be plenty of beach to go around .


Monday, June 9, 2014

Important Dates

6/14th & 15th. 
This weekend is the ECWF, East Coast Windsurfing Festival, Long Island, at Field 7 Heckscher State Park

ESA, Eastern Surfing Association, Natures Shapes Surf Contest at Gilgo town Beach.

ALS, American Littoral Society  NYS Beach Clean-ups!   LIBAG will be at  2 locations: Gilgo  Beach TOB Beachfront and Parking Lot AND Gilgo State Park 4x4 Beach

PS: While We have your attention…..remember if you still have your 2010 TOB 4x4 Surfing permit…it is still valid only on the western side go the Gilgo 4x4 entrance.

Let's have fun this Summer and remember to take away more trash than you bring in.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

NYS “Love My Park Day”.

The Members of LIBAG wish to thank everyone who participated in May third’s NYS “Love My Park Day”.

It was great to see all the surfers who showed up to clean up at Gilgo State Park. Especially, because there was good surf. [ Don’t worry; we all still had plenty of time to surf before and after the clean up.] 

The Easterlies this last week exposed a good deal of heavy debris. These large logs and posts were moved to the north side of the beach near the Plover fencing. The Parks Department will come by with heavy equipment to remove them this week. LIBAG Volunteers removed two pick up truck beds worth of non-organic garbage.

 At Heckscher State Park, The Long Island Windsurfing Group was represented with a sizable crew of Volunteers. They cleaned Field 7, or Joe’s Beach, as well as assist the park staff at field 6.

LIBAG would like to thank Tim Byrne, Director, Robert Moses State Park, George Gorman, From the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, Long Island Region, Gordon Canary,  District Office Director York State, Senator Phil Boyle, And Dave Auguste, Director, Heckscher state Park for stopping by and showing their support. We appreciate our working relationship with all of you.

Thank you for making a difference.


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Four wheel access to Gilgo State Park

Hello Friends...

We are writing to you all as a proud members of the Long Island Beach Access Group (LIBAG) to inform you that we now have 4-wheel drive access to Gilgo State Park!!  . For those of you questioning where this park is located, it is the stretch of beach between Gilgo and Cedar in the town of Babylon, commonly referred to as " Hemlock " . It's approximately 2 miles long. 

This is a result of years of hard work from LIBAG members.  We have been able to accomplish what many have been fighting for for over 30 years now.  We ask that you read this post in its entirety...

From NYS State Parks official announcement.

"...Wednesday, April 9, 2014, The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation is authorizing 4-wheel drive access for the purpose of surfing at Gilgo State Park.  State Parks is going to accept the current Democrat Point 4-wheel drive surfing access permit for use at Gilgo State Park.  ...The Surfing permit will be authorized....we will direct surfers to place this permit on the dashboard of their vehicle.
Please advise your fellow surfers of this policy change and the fact that these permits will be authorized.
Thank you for your cooperation."
George Gorman, Jr.
Deputy Regional Director
New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation"

This is a huge step forward for the State Parks.  This access shows that the state recognizes surfing and surfers as any other group that has a passion (something that has not really happened for surfers as a group - ever!)  We need to be upstanding, law abiding citizens and continue to show the state that surfers are just that.  Other 4-wheel user groups may not be pleased with our new access, so it must be assumed that we will have a target on our backs.  It is imperative that we follow all the rules of the beach!  We want to keep this access!

Some important reminders:

Read you permit carefully!  (You can get it at the Belmont State Park Office until April 30th, as well as Robert Moses Office opposite Field 3) Cost is $ 65.00. 
Be sure you ask for the 4x4 Surfing Permit or you will be sold the 4x4 Fishing Permit. They are not the same. The Fishing Permit does not allow use of your surfboard. 

Make sure you have ALL the required equipment at ALL times! 

This is a Surfing permit. Please bring a Surfboard or 2. 

AIR DOWN before heading onto the beach!

Do NOT leave trash behind - Take out MORE than you took in!

Abide by the speed limit and drive safely.

Be friendly to all other beach users!  (Do NOT debate, argue, curse, flip the bird, or "moon" others who may antagonize you...  *Note: these are all things that have been pointed out as reasons why surfers should not be on the beach... true or not - avoid confrontations with anyone.)

So, get down there and enjoy your access to Demo and now Gilgo State Park!!  And please, when we e-mail about clean ups and such, try to show up and lend a hand - it helps!

Looking forward to seeing you this summer !

LI Beach Access Group
PO Box 787
Babylon, NY 11702

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Just some winter housekeeping.


Remember NYS Parks Empire Passes are on sale Now through April 15th.
The 4X4 Beach vehicle access Permit for fishing is available.
The 4X4 Beach vehicle access Permit for Surfing at Democrat Point only is available as well.

If Gilgo's 4X4 Beach opens this year, it is LIBAG’s understanding with the T/O Babylon And the NYS Parks that your 2010 Gilgo 4X4 Surfing pass will be honored.

Another helpful change this season is that you no longer need a “carry waiver” for Surfboards, Kayaks, or Windsurfing Equipment on 4X4 Fishing beaches. You still can only Surf from your vehicle at Demo; [with the proper State permit], and “Old Coast Guard” at Gilgo; [with the proper T/O Babylon permit]. But at least you do not have to worry about what’s in or on your vehicle when going fishing.

Remember, while you can carry your windsurfing gear to Democrat…You do however still have to sail or carry your gear to Democrat Point in order to windsurf. You still cannot Windsurf from your truck on 4X4 Beaches.

Next up…
Friends of Reynolds Channel is asking for your help to save the Bays!
Join them on Tuesday, February 11, 2014 at 11:00am at the 
Executive Building at 1550 Franklin Ave Mineola 11501. 
Tuesday, at 11:00 is a tough meeting to make.

I hope some of you can make it. 
This is an important decision for Nassau County. 
So THANK YOU in advance to anyone who can be there!

Also, the results of our work with the American Littoral Society NYS Beach clean up can be found here: 

We were pretty ambitious last year, sponsoring the clean ups at Robert Moses field 5, and Gilgo Town beach. [note LIBAG adopted Gilgo in 2012].
All told; 5,645 volunteers cleaned and documented 62,633 pounds of debris along 244.13 miles of New York State's shoreline.
Thank you everyone!
This was in addition to our Gilgo clean ups, [every other month], Heckscher State Park; clean ups, “Water-Walk”, and Love my park rebuilding, after Hurricane Sandy. Dune Fence installation at Robert Moses State Park. Grass plantings
You can see where we are going with this…
We need your help. Check the blog for the dates and times of all our activities in 2014.
The beach belongs to everyone: so let’s have everyone pitch in and help the beach.
Thank you,

The Long Island Beach Access Group