The Beach belongs to everyone

We want Long Island to be a place where this, and the next generation can surf, windsurf, sail, swim, sunbathe, fish, kayak or just soak in Long Island's Natural Beauty.

Long Island is losing its waterfront and wet lands to private homes at an alarming pace. Beach Access is disappearing right along with it. In addition, many NYS laws concerning Beach Access are archaic at best.

It is not LIBAG's intent to take away any existing rights of NYS Beach users. Only to add to them.

We are fortunate, to be working with the Long Island Regional State Parks Commission towards solutions that would allow all beach user groups equal access to all NYS Parks Beaches, with out excluding or taking away any access rights from any user groups.

The Long Island Beach Access Group is most commonly known for its four core programs;

1- The Beach Access program whose research and advocacy programs support the maintenance and expansion of access to those remote beach locations on Long Island for all users.

2- Also, our Beach Preservation program works to sponsor, participate and encourage those activities that ensure the healthy maintenance of our beaches and barrier islands, such as beach grass plantings.

3- Our Beach Clean-up program works to sponsor, participate and encourage continual beach clean-ups in conjunction with the America Littoral Society. This includes the adoption of Gilgo Beach.

4- But also, Long Island Beach Access Group is known for our Beach Actions program which seeks to encourage and reward proper behavior when enjoying the beaches. This includes following the official rules and regulations of each of the beaches and areas that provide access to those beaches, promoting the “Carry in, Carry out more” philosophy, and in a more informal fashion, instructing people on safe enjoyment of our natural resources.

Remember: it is not LIBAG's intent to take away any existing rights of NYS Beach users. Only to add to them.

LIBAG is honored to work with New York State Park officials, as we continue to connect the Parks to the People.

We look forward to our continued work with New York State officials in order to implement solutions that encourage more diverse use of NYS’s Beaches.

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Thursday, September 26, 2019

More results from Gilgo Beach

Hey everyone,

The final weight tally for just our little part of the Gilgo Clean up is 319 pounds.
We really don't know if that's a good or bad thing. One thing is for sure. We are glad that 319 pounds of trash is no longer on the Beach!

Here are some new photos from Steve Gravano, The official Town of Babylon Photographer.

Thank you all for your help.




Monday, September 23, 2019

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You.

LIBAG would like to express just how grateful we are to everyone who helped out at this Saturday’s Gilgo Beach Clean Up Saturday, September 21st

We understand there was a lot going on this weekend so it means a great deal that you took time out of your day to do something about the environment. And we are glad you chose to do it with us.

Special thanks to Celeste Kusmierski the Town of Babylon’s Commissioner of Parks and Recreation. 

Viscel Moore, Director – Beautification Program for the Town of Babylon
We so much enjoy working with you, and your staff!

Thanks to Suffolk County Legislator Kevin J McCaffrey, who came by to lend his support.

I have to apologize in advance if I miss your name. But special thanks to Steve, Ray, Ron, Marianne, Jill, Frank, Rich, The Lyndenhurst Robotics Team, Jeff, and the couple who donated a whole bunch of Burlap sacks for us to use instead of plastic. What a great Idea!

We know Senator Philip Boyle had a great clean up at Robert Moses, and Karen Vaccaro Marvin of South Sore Paddleboards worked with Operation Splash to clean Fox Island.

As we get the collection data from our clean up as well as the other local groups we will be sure to post them at LIBAG.ORG

Thanks again for your continued support.

LIBAG, The Long Island Beach Access Group, LIBAG.ORG
The Long Island Windsurfers Group,
The American Littoral Society,
The Town of Babylon,

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Gilgo Beach Clean Up Saturday, September 21st 9:00 AM

Gilgo Beach Clean Up
Saturday, September 21st 9:00 AM
Please mark your calendars, and save the date

Hey folks.
It’s that time of year again.
Please join 
For this years NYS Beach Clean Up

Saturday, September 21st  
(rain-date, Sunday the 22nd. ) 
Start time is 9:00.

Gilgo Beach Cleanup!

We will meet in the parking lot by the tunnel entrance. 
We will have a table set up, and can really use your help.
Free parking. We will supply gloves, Trash Bags, Pencils and recording sheets. You provide the muscle. Bring a friend, or two or ten!

As we have for close to two a decades, 
LIBAG, The Long Island Beach Access Group, LIBAG.ORG
The Long Island Windsurfers Group, 
The American Littoral Society,
And the Town of Babylon, 
will team up for the 
Gilgo Beach, Saturday, September 21st 9:00 AM 

Every year tens of thousands of volunteers remove and collect data on tons of debris from hundreds of miles of shorelines across New York State as part of our annual NY State Beach Cleanup. 

Why New York State Beach Cleanup is different than other cleanups:
While the activities on the day of the cleanup are important and receive much positive publicity, the compilation, analysis and dissemination of the data collected have an even greater impact. This cleanup is unique in that volunteers fill out data cards about what they remove. This data is summarized for individual sites and all data cards are sent to The Ocean Conservancy for analysis. The resultant studies produce strategies to combat marine pollution and help inform policy makers, the media and the public about solutions to the problem.

So please join us Gilgo Beach, Saturday, September 21st 9:00 AM 
 at Gilgo Beach for our largest Beach Cleanup of the season.

We at LIBAG want to thank you in advance for all your help.

We hope to see you there.

If you are unable to help us at Gilgo, we encourage you to participate at one of the many Statewide cleanup’s scheduled for that day.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Love My Parks Day Thank You

Thank you to everyone who showed up at Gilgo and Heckscher State Parks for Love My Parks Day.

Special Thanks to Ray Eriksen and Jillixir Marie Brown for organizing, and acting as Beach Captains this year. 


I Love My Park Day was a huge success!  

Thanks to the nearly 8,000 volunteers who showed up on Saturday, May 4, to clean up, improve and beautify our state parks, historic sites and public lands!

From Jones Beach on Long Island to Allegany State Park in the Southern Tier, more than 140 state parks and sites were spruced up just in time for the busy park season. Projects ranged from picking up trash and planting flowers to clearing brush and building benches.

Thanks to everyone who pitched in, gave back and had fun!
Mark you calendar for next year's Love My Park Day on May 2, 2020!
Check out photos from across the state! 
Special thanks to our sponsors  
whose generosity makes I Love My Park Day possible.

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Friday, May 3, 2019

Reminder: this Saturday May 4th 9:00 to noon

Reminder: this Saturday May 4th 9:00 to noon 

Beach Clean Up's at Gilgo and Heckscher.  

NYS Love My Parks Day.

Pick your Park...and help us get them ready for the season.

Heckscher will meet at field 6 with Jill Brown. 

Gilgo will meet with Ray Eriksen at the town beach and 4X4 entrance.

Let's make 2019 a very good year!



Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Thank you to all who showed up to support this Ban on Offshore Drilling.

It was a beautiful day to attend a Bill signing. 
Thank you to all who showed up to support this Ban on Offshore Drilling. 

Special thanks go to Charlie Bunger, Steve D, Rich S, Ray E, Bill Z,  Cooky, and I'm sure I missed some of you. I understand Through John Webber, that Matt Gove of Surfrider National made it as well.

You made a difference. I know it was short notice.
So it means a lot to us.

Oh, and Chip, LIBAG appreciates the invite. Just let us know what the Parks need and we will do our best to be there for you.

So we were able to run a joint beach clean up at Robert Moses 2 on April 6th with a lot of help from the Fishermen, Mustang Steve and his students, Billy T, Scott & Jill Brown, Chris G, and many more than we can count.

Remember...We’ll be running two more events on May 4th for love my Parks Day. 

The Windsurfers will work at Heckscher, Surfers at Gilgo.
We start at 9:00 AM done by 12:00 noon.

Jill is running point with Dave Auguste at Heckscher, Ray with Tim Byrne at Gilgo.
We couldn’t do it with your help, so Thank you

We look forward to seeing you there.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

BEACH CLEAN UP AT… Sat. … , 9:00 - 12:00 etc.

I know…it seems like we are constantly spamming your e-mail with subject lines that read…

 BEACH CLEAN UP AT…  Sat. … , 9:00 - 12:00 etc.

I’ll explain. We are. We need your help.

Watermen, Waterpeople, Waterfolk are a rarely seen nomadic tribe. We chase wind and waves from beach to beach, 12 months a year. Usually living out of our vans.

Many organizations have “mission statements” that say they are about Public Access and Clean Water. We are active members of most. But Surfing…any kind of surfing, SUP’ing Kayaking, windsurfing, etc. on Long Island presents a special set of circumstances. 

We need access to clean open water; and waves. These things rarely occur consistently in the same place. Especially on Long Island. This presents a problem. We don’t need just one beach…we need them all. But just for a little bit of time.

As Long Island continues to lose its public waterfront access at an alarming pace. Whether from habitat destruction, unsustainable growth, Privatization, archaic laws, etc.  We had to do something. And so LIBAG.ORG , The Long Island Beach Access Group was born. 

It’s a simple idea. We just want this generation and all future generations to be able to enjoy the beach as we did when we were kids. We advocate for public access, and we clean a lot of beaches. 

For example, The American Littoral Society clean up each Fall is among our most important. Every piece of trash is counted and catalogued. The ALS maintains a database for use in understanding what is polluting our shores and where is it coming from. The Surfrider Foundation, ESA, Various fishing and environmental Groups, etc. We work with other groups who share our values. And we are fortunate to work with the Town of Babylon and the Long Island Regional State Parks Commission.

As individuals, we always leave the Beach with more trash than we came with. But that is not enough. So we raise public awareness through organized beach clean ups.

This year’s first Spring clean up was originally scheduled for March. But was postponed to April. This limited attendance. 

Yet, on April 6th we coordinated with LIBBA, The Boy Scouts, several High schools, South Shore Paddleboards, , Bunger & the MSA to clean Robert Moses State Park field 2, Democrat Point, Gilgo State Park, and Sore Thumb. Close to 100 volunteers removed over 400 pounds of trash. And we will gladly continue to do it again. Our next Big one will be on May 4th for Love My Park’s Day. I know we will be at Gilgo to pick up trash and the windsurfers at Heckscher State Park to do the same.
We hope to see you at one event or the other. 

As always we at LIBAG thank you and appreciate your participation.
We couldn’t do it without you.

For more information on any of the above groups or shops, visit their web pages at…